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My entire Photoshop layout has doubled in size with this new update; it looks like it’s in Windows Safe Mode. Is there a way to fix this? I am currently uninstalling and re-downloading the previous version because my eyes were melting from the bloated interface. Same problem here. Good to hear I am not the only one with this problem.

I will try and see how it looks on my other PC If you go to the Photoshop. If it is, uncheck it and see if that makes your UI better. Hi Hannah, Thanks for the fast reply. I tried that I tried many things, I even tried using the old Windows 8. So just to verify, you’re currently running Win 10 Creator’s Edition? Yes, that’s correct. And I also checked on my desktop, also running Win 10 Creator’s Edition. I have the problem there.

The “Change All” button still reverts the default app to CC leaving me to assign individually not globally. If there is nothing I can do at my end, can this be fixed? I would like to keep as a backup. How about some high resolution monitor support for Mac retina display Please fix this asap I have a problem in mouse cursor in new update Why have not I received this update? You should see If you only see It should be 4.

If that doesn’t work, the next step is either go to Adobe Downloads adobe. At least one of these fixes has worked for me every time the Creative Cloud app doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to. Thank you so much, I will try now. Hi Carlos, You don’t happen to have an enterprise or team membership do you? Sometimes institutions block updates.

Thanks, Hannah. I’m running the latest Windows 10 and CCloud says that my version of Photoshop is up to date but its v19 not Refreshing and signing in and out does not work..!!!

Any ideas? Hi Anthony, Sorry for the frustration! Have you tried running the Creative Cloud Cleaner for Win? Many thanks. Unfortunately you need to reinstall too. Keep preference seems to work too. Testing as we speak. Thanks for the heads up on this. Yes looks like it’s not working. It’s paining in a different place and I can’t easy select the menus on the top. I have resent preferences and unplugged any wacom tablet. Played with the UI Settings still same issues. Adobe offers a free Creative Cloud Membership that includes a trial of all Adobe desktop software.

This allows you to evaluate individual products or editions, then convert the installed trial to a full version. You can convert from a trial to a full version at any time by signing up for a full Creative Cloud membership or a single-app membership. When purchasing a membership subscription, you are required to be online and to login with an Adobe ID to start using your full version. You must accept the license agreement and warranty terms to use this product.

Visit our Product License Agreement page www. This product will not function without mandatory activation and registration via the Internet. Phone activation is not available. See www. The individual associated with the Creative Cloud membership can use the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud on two computers at once, regardless of operating system.

See your Product License Agreement for more information. To use the product on a third computer, you will be presented on launch with the option to remotely sign out of one of the other systems. Some Adobe Product installers install fonts into a default system font directory. If the installer finds older versions of these fonts in the default system font directory, it will uninstall the older versions and save them to a new directory.

Please refer to Photoshop Known Issues for late-breaking information and known issues specific to Photoshop. For information on what’s new in the release of Photoshop, see New Features Summary.



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Welcome to the October release of Adobe Photoshop CC. This page contains late-breaking product information and updates not covered in. Learn how to download previous versions of non-subscription apps such as Acrobat, Photoshop Elements, Creative Suite 5, , and 6, or Adobe.


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