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EA released an online-only standalone demo of the retail game, featuring the Sidi Power Plant on either Conquest or Titan.❿

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With ten. My mistake. Demo versions were limited to demo-only servers, of which a few were initially run by EA, but were quickly supplanted by player run servers. Owns the “Pilum” weapon and special tools that repair damaged equipment.


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ONLINE GAME SUPPORT CONTACT: Battlefield Reclaimation · With Earth’s icecaps threatening to cover the globe, civilizations must push toward the equator in. Players Online– Experience all-out war with Battlefield’s legendary multiplayer for up to 64 players. Real-Time Persistence– To the victor goes the spoils! Battlefield is a first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fourth game in the Battlefield. Battlefield Download PC Game Battlefield Is a fast-paced first-person shooter, the fourth installment that takes the events back to For many. Battlefield is a singleplayer and multiplayer first-person action and FPS game in the Battlefield series. Key points. DRM was removed with update.❿

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We’ll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Battlefield — PC. By ABC News. Brittney Griner reunites with wife Cherelle upon return to US. Dec 9, PM. Millions are missing from the workforce but still surviving. PROS: 1. Something that can be said of few shooters nowadays is the glorious balence within the game, it actually surprised me a little when i started playing to see it as such, weapons are surprisingly even: if a default assault rifle shoots vs.

There are some exceptions of course; the AR rockets can be extremly tactical or nooby depending on how they are used, the smgs are a bit underpowered, and the remote explosives will not cause suicide on non-team damage servers which leads to abuse 2. Maps in fps games tend to go for the slightly cramped cqb style or sometimes wide open spaces that take forever to cross.

Teamwork is very encouraged, in a squad you can get a squad teamwork bonus score added to your rank up, and I’ve gotten the point equivalent to 77 kills before, purely from this squad teamwork bonus. Patches: sadly, as with many of EA’s older games, the patch system is horrible.

Punkbuster is annoying to install because it does NOT automatically install the version of punkbuster when the game is installed and so must be downloaded manually then updated. No partial clips, if you have 8 shots left and reload, those 8 shots are gone, no magic ammo transfereing clips in the year apparently. You do not automatically join a squad, it must be done manually and you can only spawn on the squad leader and only if he has the sqaud leader item deployable spawn beacon equipped stopping the ‘endless squad’ 5.

No perks- all vehicles start and will have the same set of weapons, no imbalenced vehicle perks, also weapons almost all start with red dot sights and are all surprisingly accurate. TITAN mode, this is one of the finer parts of this game that is fairly unique, it starts out as conquest capturing missle silos until a titans shield is down, then one team can raid the others titan and destroy its components to end the game , or continue with the conquest form, fights inside the titan can be some of the best.

I’ve played Battlefield since it was released and love the game. We recently got our son a new laptop and he’s loved the game as well so we bought him his own copy.

The main issue with this Battlefield Deluxe Edition is that it’s supposed to contain the Northern Strike expansion pack.

But when you try to activate Northern Strike, it takes you to a broken link so we cannot activate it. Overall, Battlefield Deluxe Edition serves its purpose and that’s giving us a new copy of Battlefield But very disappointed we can’t use the Northern Strike expansion pack.

Really with we’d purchased that separately. I recommend going a little cheaper and just getting Battlefield and buying Northern Strike separate. I have been playing this game since and I love it. I wont lie there are times when you will have some issues but truth fully its not often, you either get kicked from a server because punkbuster went hay wire but that’s a slight annoyance.

The game is more fun when you play as part of a squad but you can Lone Wolf it if you want to Lone Wolf can be a pain when you run into a enemy squad and they want your dog tags. In the game you can play as Recon Sniper , Engineer, Medic or Assault, when you start off you don’t have the best weapons but Aim for the head at all times once you start getting your upgrades you will tear up the battle field and have your enemy’s asking them selves how did that happen.

If you just started playing the game and your having trouble getting your unlocks, I recommend that you play either as a Medic or Assault especially in Titan mode your med packs or weapons supplies will come in handy defending the corridors of your titan. When you do get your unlocks you will be rewarded with gadgets and weapons like: 1.

Cloaking device and RDX pack c4 for Recon. Motion and EMP mines for engineer 3. The maps are huge and graphics are really good. Single player in my opinion is more for practice and yes if you want to use your unlocks you will need to be online.

I love this game and will keep playing it I just wish EA would give one more add on or make a sequel to it. One person found this helpful. I very much like the theme and the work DICE put into making it believable – probably the closest thing to an IP other than Battlefield they will have for a long time to come.

The graphics are great: models are detailed, maps have great gameplay. However, as I went through I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to Battlefield 2.

That’s to be expected, of course – they both use the same in-house Refractor engine – but it really seemed like it was just that game with a sci fi skin tacked on. Titan battles are fun, but the multiplayer is pretty much dead nowadays and the combat isn’t that much of an improvement over its parent game.

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I do not recommend the game at all. It contains too much aggression and killing. I not knowingly bought it. I should have reviewed the product and I did not.

My mistake. Had I known what it is I would have never agreed with my son 9Yrs bying it. A first-person shooter at heart that can be played with 15 computer-controlled enemies and allies, lives and breathes online and works similarly to the other games in the series — Battlefield , Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2. Up to 64 players can join in on one game where the goals vary from capturing and controlling various strategic locations, to deathmatch-style games where it’s all about body count.

But not everything in is borrowed from previous games. Aside from an arsenal of futuristic weapons, hover tanks, jet-powered helicopters and bipedal robotic tanks, the game introduces a new game mode called Titan mode.

Players are divided into two teams, each with a large hovering “mothership” called a Titan, above the playing field. While the grunts on the ground duke it out, they’re also fighting for control of missile silos that launch attacks on the opposing team’s Titan, depending on who controls it.

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