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So I stay with 3. Audirvana Plus vs Universal Media Server. Compounding the issue is the pack mentality endemic to internet-based discussions. As Audirvana 3. Discovering on the net that JRiver is the best at audio and video both, as long as you can handle the clunky interface. As I’ve said before, no real rival in terms of sound output quality. It’s really easy to add albums or songs at the end of the playlist.❿

Audirvana o jriver free.JRiver Media Center VS Audirvana Plus

I do not like it. Replies 42 Views 12K. For example, there’s a track on a very well-recorded Celtic music album I’d have to find it again where there’s a certain tenor note that CLEARLY distorts when played through iTunes every time but is rendered perfectly via Audirvana. Hi everyone! I like the interface and sound quality of Audirvana 3.


Audirvana o jriver free.


I still use J-River as kind of a back up system should Roon have any issues. The Roon user interace is much prettier J-River can be intimidatingly “computer-ish”. I hope my story helps with your choice. Reckoner , Jun 29, Location: Vallejo, CA. Rolltide , Jun 29, Location: Savage. Roon hands down is the winner. F2k is a good free solution but really clunky in my view. JRiver tagging is perfectly simple to use. I miss it. The downside of JRiver is they won’t ever work with anyone else and won’t even entertain the idea.

No integration with internet streaming. No integration with sending the output stream to another software upsampler. Their answers are always a hard no to any external innovation involving sharing. Audirvana, the old version not studio, works but it doesn’t really integrate your library with streaming.

They are two different categories. You search your library or you search your streaming but not both at the same time. Roon does all that, except easy tagging. It works with external vendors unlike JRiver.

Search a song or artist and it searches everywhere, your library and your streaming connection and then returns all options.

And you can save searches as bookmarks. A simple point and click will pull up a previous saved search. I was on the fence with Roon for years until I finally dug into and understood what it is. It’s a search db with links and suggestions for similar things.

It allows you to get lost in dives into similar artists, genres and songs. The others aren’t in Roon’s space even though they share similar options. Kyhl , Jun 29, Location: Mass. Is your PC connected wired or wirelessly? Roon requires a wired connection. Location: Europa. Vincent Kars , Jun 29, Dillydipper likes this.

Great stuff! I bought license because of those mentioned by you values. To play local files! Thank you very much Derek for these interesting links. VLC plays Mother Earth radio and it sounds good. I can not play it with Foobar, because Foobar on Mac has very limited features, and you can not expand them with plug-ins and add-ons like on a PC. I use it only for a single professional software that does not exist on Mac.

If there is a new Covi confinement, I may try to install Foobar on my Dell and try to configure it, just for the fun. Thank you also for the link to the download site.

I then went to Qobuz which I had only used to buy downloads from previously. But I soon realized that Qobuz player was not great with Win 10 and I tended to lose the connection to my music when I changed from Qobuz to JRiver and back. I had had on and off connection issues with JRiver previously but had ploughed on because I liked the sound – kernel streaming etc. But looking around I discovered that Audirvana came with Qobuz support, and after installation of the 3.

Apart from the sound quality, what impressed me was the ability to change from Qobuz to my own NAS music and back without any problems whatsoever. Mo more disconnects. On Thursday, I was about to buy the software when I learned that soon Audirvana 3.

Now would it be worth it to buy the stand-alone installed 3. While I was wavering, the software purchase option was removed, so when I tried to access the page on Friday, I was unable to buy the stand-alone software. I like the interface and sound quality of Audirvana 3. But is that worth getting onto the wheel of subscription for? When I use my PC, its just because I need to use one of two professional applications that are necessary for my work and that are better than anything existing on Mac.

It happens to me once or twice a year. By the way, I use these specialized tools on a subscription model, and the cost of the subscription is more than Euros per month for each application!

Jriver was configured to work as a server. I was very surprised! How it is possible to do this? Very strange. To do this I was using Audirvana app on my Android phone. I wish that audirvana is supporting Chromecast. I am seeing today new announcements going on Audirvana main website about new Studio Version. Everybody did this long time ago.

Roon recently added option of monthly payments. Before was offered lifetime and yearly payments only. I am sure that it is difficult to get all the time new clients. Subscription based business is giving them more comfort and financial stability. And all clientele is going nuts. What for? I do not like it. I am leaving and so on. Slowly everybody will get use to it or learn how to configure Foobar ha ha! You ask what I think about HQPlayer. Well, it offers the best sound of all the players I ever tried.

It has also many settings to get the best out of your audio equipment and acoustical environment. Once I found a setting that I like, I stopped playing with it because the possibilities are endless. However, HQPlayer has a problem. It has no library management. I was seriously attempted to subscribe to Roon only to have it as a library manager for HQPlayer. I would have liked Audirvana to support HQPlayer. As HQPlayer does not have a library management, I use it only when I want to listen to a given album.

The remaining of the time, I listen to my music with Audirvana or JRiver. Regarding the subscription of Audirvana Studio, time will tell if Damien did the right choice. In my opinion, competing with Roon will not be easy for several reasons. First, Roon has many partnerships with hardware makers. This is a good reason for many people to subscribe to it. It also offers a very pleasant user experience with excellent library management and links to instructive databases.

There are people who love that and who are ready to pay subscription for it. And it can also offer an excellent sound quality when it is coupled with HQPlayer. In my opinion, subscription is not the only way Damien could have chosen. If he could have made Audirvana sound better and better, he could have sold new version of the player for much higher price. Maybe Audirvana studio will surprise us all with an outstanding sound quality. In this case, I will consider subscription.

You say that otherwise people should learn to configure Foobar. There are other players in the market, once Audirvana is not supported by your OS. Amarra and JRiver are very decent players. JRiver as a server is still a very good option. DLNA is a viable protocol depending on both the server and renderer implementation.

It gets a bad press from some because of some dodgy implementations at either end. It has been around for well over 10 years and its audio side sees little change, primarily because its all there nothing left to change.

The other major element to Jriver is their agile approach to programming. Ask for something , if its doable then its done within days and released.

Thank you very much for your excellent review of HQ Player! Apparently new Mac mini is running silently even when rendering video edits. I was looking for modern audio software that would run on very old computers like Pentium 4 with Ram not more than 1 GB and no Pea instructions processors. Audacious was working on newest version of Linux Zorin Lite playing radio streams all kind of formats including Flac MotherEarth radio station.


Audirvana o jriver free


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