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Csi games for pc free.CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

You will join the original cast of characters although we do miss Grissom and the OG crew to investigate the scene of the crime and talk to people involved with the activity. Browse By Digging up clues and analyzing them at the lab is fun enough for a few hours, but things slow down towards the end of the game. Axe, Bow and Staff.


CSI: Hidden Crimes – Csi games for pc free


Thousands of people downloaded this game immediately after its launch on Mar 26, date. About avg users have admired this PC game with top ratings. What do a murdered woman, a slain police officer, and a mysterious arson case have in common? Its performance has quite improved because it was recently updated on Apr 11, It is based on the Role Playing theme and it is way better than other similar games.

Give this video game a try if you want to play the latest game launched in the Puzzle, Adventure genre. If you are curious to know, a total of users have reviewed this computer game. You are going to admire the way this CSI franchise PC game performs and entertains you with its unique quests.

Hundreds of copies of this video game were sold online when it was first introduced on Mar 26, date. During the case, the victim is found to be depressed and suicidal. The suspects are Zachary Lynch, the construction supervisor, Marcus Kunchai, a plumber who is the victim’s friend and Todd Stuart, a gardener and a supposed eco-terrorist.

A burn victim named Mary Marst becomes the victim of a homicide when her medical equipment is found to have been sabotaged. Nick Stokes gets paired with the player. The suspects are John Barrett, victim’s step-brother, Jayne Barrett, victim’s step-sister and Pauline Liu, victim’s hospice nurse. A temp secretary named Jessica Marnier was found dead in her car at a car wash. The suspects are Veronica Carver, victim’s best friend and housemate, Will Rice, victim’s wealthy boyfriend and Manuel Molinez, a man who is the boyfriend’s best friend and on parole.

The player works with Catherine Willows on this case. The cases worked on lead up to the climax of the game’s main storyline. Raymond Langston is the player’s partner on this case. This case has two parts as there are two murders with one belonging to Manuel Molinez suspect from the previous case and the other belonging to Agent Gene Huntby. Your email address will not be published.


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