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Templates, presets, and guided edits make it easy for anyone to make Photoshop-worthy creations for free. GIMP comes loaded with tutorials , and the community is always on hand to answer any questions. Another cool thing is that PicMonkey has about 2, customizable templates and over 70 preset blank canvases that you might find useful. PicMonkey saves everything in the cloud automatically, and you can access it from any of your devices. Press OK when you are done. Get ready for amazing stuff in your inbox. In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify.❿


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Learn more. To edit and apply special effects to portions of your pictures, remove unwanted objects, or cut out objects from one picture and put them on another, that portion or object should be selected using a selection tool or a combination of selection tools in Pixelmator. The Color Selection Tool is useful for making quick, near-perfect selections. Use the Color Selection to select objects or any similarly colored portions of an image by simply clicking and dragging your mouse.

For jagged but precise edges, deselect Smooth Edges from the Action menu in the Tool Options bar before making a selection. To use the Color Selection Tool on all the visible layers in the Layers palette, select Sample All Layers from the Action menu before making a selection. To use the Color Selection only on a single visible layer, deselect Sample All Layers from the Action menu before making a selection.

Click and drag over the object or area of color and release the mouse button to make a selection. This list also includes some apps for drawing. GIMP is one of the most powerful all-purpose image editing apps and is beloved by many creatives.

It brings a vast selection of editing tools that allow you to do even the most advanced editing. However, due to the abundance of features, its interface can be a bit confusing, especially for beginners. If you hate spending hours tweaking all kinds of controls to refine your photos, Luminar is the app for you. Luminar is an all-in-one photo editor that automatically enhances your photos in the blink of an eye.

Accent AI automatically enhances what needs to be enhanced in less than a second. You can also improve your pictures manually using three tabs: Adjust, which contains all the necessary tone and color adjustments; Lens, which can be used to improve lens flaws; and Transform, which improves some perspective issues. Luminar is also packed with over tools and features including brushes, customizable filters, and support for layers and masks.

NET is a simple image and photo editor. It was meant to be a more powerful version of Microsoft Paint and as such brings a lot of the features from Microsoft Paint. Naturally, Paint. NET features layers with blending modes, unlimited history, and lots of special effects like blurring, red-eye removal, noise, and sharpening. It also has lots of useful tools for drawing shapes, splines, and Bezier curves.

Other powerful tools include a gradient tool, a recolor tool, a selection tool, a magic wand tool for selecting areas of a similar color, a clone stamp tool for erasing or copying particular areas of an image, a text editor tool, and, of course, a zoom tool.

Aurora HDR is an award-winning HDR photo editor that has won the hearts of millions of photographers around the world. Aurora also supports layers and masking and allows you to process multiple photos at the same time.

Photolemur is an innovative photo editing app that does the editing for you. Even though it has just a few buttons, it does an impressive job at enhancing even mediocre shots. Photolemur is a completely automatic photo enhancer. Photolemur uses Artificial Intelligence to instantly perform complex adjustments and produce the best editing results. It automatically detects what areas of a photo need adjustments and gets down to editing, enhancing colors, adjusting contrast and brightness, removing haziness, reducing noise, and even retouching faces.

Additionally, it offers a bunch of amazing effects that can make your photos even more beautiful. Try it yourself to see the magic. Photolemur is available for both Mac and PC. This app was the first to use Artificial Intelligence to automatically enhance aerial photos. It brings a bunch of innovative and unique features to make your drone shots look breathtaking. The app does the job for you. It automatically removes haze, adds sharpness and color to the sky, boosts details, recovers hidden details, and improves colors.

Simply import all the photos you want to enhance and AirMagic will do the job. In about a second, your photos will be ready to share with the world. Affinity Photo is not only a great GIMP alternative but one of the most powerful image editing apps out there. Its nearly limitless features will leave you open-mouthed. This app is probably not the best choice for beginners, however, as its slightly overwhelming interface and abundance of features take time to come to grips with.

It supports limitless layers and brings a huge library of adjustments, effects, and filters, which can be blended, clipped, grouped, and even masked together.

It provides a vast selection of instruments that enable you to get creative and bring your craziest ideas to life. Affinity Photo supports drawing tablets and offers an extensive library of brushes that you can use to create artwork. With many useful and powerful tools, Pixlr is one of the best web-based GIMP-like tools on the market.

Pixlr Editor boasts support for layers and blending modes, a bunch of filters including Gaussian blur, Vignette, Sharpen, Noise, and Pastels, and tons of tools for selecting, drawing, cloning, dodging, smudging, and more.

This powerful online image editor is suitable for beginners and pros. As such, it brings some of the most essential features from GIMP. It supports multiple layers and layer merging effects, editing of alpha channels, transparency effects, gradients and gradient effects, and plug-in filters.

Additionally, Seashore offers a decent selection of tools including for cloning, smudging, creating basic shapes, cropping, zooming, selecting, and drawing. If you like creating illustrations using a pressure-sensitive tablet, Seashore can become your go-to app, as it comes with support for drawing tablets. In addition, it supports a number of drawing tablets including the most popular ones from Wacom and Huion, allowing you to express your inner artist without limits.

In fact, it looks and feels more like Photoshop. Krita features tons of different brushes to satisfy specific needs and allows you to create your own. Krita is one of the best apps for getting creative and is totally worth checking out.


Remove the Background of Your Product Photos with These 4 Tools (). Pixelmator magic wand tool free

Naturally, Paint. It has non-destructive live filters that can be applied to a single layer or the whole stack, then erased, masked, or reordered after they are applied. Becoming an Affiliate. As a result, this is not the best free Photoshop alternative for photographers or anyone looking to manipulate photos. PicMonkey comes with a ton of filters and effects and even customizable touch-up tools for whitening teeth, recoloring hair, and removing blemishes. It offers three different ways to remove backgrounds:. For a closer look at effects, check out our mini-tutorial below. PhotoScissors is an online background remover that can take care of removing the backgrounds of busy images. PicMonkey saves everything in the cloud automatically, and you can access it from any of your devices.

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