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Microsoft office outlook 2016 not responding free

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I tried the manual method yesterday but my outlook crashed. Please help me. Hi Eve, Agree! Older comments Page 1 … Page 4. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ravi Singh November 28, Read More. Eric Simson September 15, Read More. Open File Explorer. To do this, Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.

If you have email messages in an email program, you must import your email messages and addresses to the new user profile before you delete the old profile. If everything is working correctly, you can now delete the old profile. If the information in this article does not help resolve your problem in Outlook , Outlook or Outlook , see the following resources for more information:.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Note This issue may occur for one or more of the reasons in this section. To fix this issue, you may have to follow the troubleshooting steps in the Resolution section. To start the automated checks, follow these steps: Install the Outlook Advanced Diagnostics tool.

Select Run when you are prompted by your browser. In the report that’s generated, review the items on the Issues found tab. For configuration details about Outlook, Windows, and your computer, review the settings on the Detailed View tab. Run the recovery assistant if you’ve tried all of the preceding steps and Outlook is still crashing or hanging. This step creates detailed information about your Outlook configuration and provides solutions for any known issues that are detected.

It also gives you the option to upload your results to Microsoft so that a support engineer can review them. Go to Outlook Advanced Diagnostics. SaRA will run a set of diagnostic checks, and then return some possible solutions for you to try to fix Outlook connectivity issues. Microsoft Outlook is one of the top-rated email program solutions available today. But sometimes, while working with Outlook users, issues like MS Outlook is responding to Windows 10 or Outlook keeps not responding.

In this technical blog, you will find the complete solution to fix Microsoft Outlook stops responding error. When users want to open a file or send an email message in Microsoft Outlook or on other versions, Outlook keeps hanging, or you receive the following error message:. There are several possible reasons for Outlook to behave this way. Some of them are listed below:. These are the different reasons behind getting the Outlook unresponsive error. Now, look at the potential methods in order from quickest to resolve the issue.

Here, we learn the different techniques to resolve this Windows shell common dll is not responding Outlook, thus implement the steps correctly:.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps below:. Select such processes and hit the “End Task” button one at a time. Microsoft Office is configured by default to block external content—such as images and linked media. For this reason, problems may arise if Outlook downloads some external content that is not required. To prevent Outlook from downloading external contents, you should do the following:. Select options and then click the Trust Center option.

Your Outlook mailbox can get considerably large if you send and receive a lot of emails. This becomes a problem as the larger the mailbox becomes, the longer it takes for Outlook to process it which invariably increases the possibility of errors. To reduce the size of your mailbox, run the Mailbox Cleanup tool:. Select the following folders: View Mailbox Size, Find items older than, View deleted items size and Empty deleted items. AppData folder is being redirected to a network location.

Outlook has numerous app data to perform different types of operations and if your network connections are sluggish, Outlook has to wait for reading and write operations to the AppData directory to finish. To stop this from happening you should disable the redirection of the App Data directory. Type regedit. In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following sub-key:. Locate and then double-click the following value: AppData. The outlook is dealing with a large or long process.

How do we deal with this? In the first place, check whether your antivirus is up-to-date. Reliable and trusted antivirus software vendors do care about compatibility with Microsoft Office applications, so there is a good chance that the issue is fixed in their latest update.

BTW, it’s a good idea to check whether the latest updates and service packs are installed for your Microsoft Office as well. Also, make sure that Outlook itself and your Outlook add-ins are added to the trusted applications list of your protection software.

If the above does not help, turn off the antivirus and see if it brings Outlook back to life. If it does, the problem is definitely in your antivirus software. In this case, you can either contact its vendor for assistance or simply choose another protection program.

If none of the above suggestions helped, try to repair your Office programs, as the last resort. Close all Office applications and open Control Panel. You’ll see a message asking you to confirm that you really want to start Outlook in Safe mode, click Yes. Does this cure the problem? If it does and Outlook starts working properly, then most likely the problem is with one of your add-ins, which leads us to the next step.

If the “Outlook Not Responding” issue did not cause you troubles in the past, it stands to reason to turn off the recently installed add-ins. I usually disable them one-by-one, closing Outlook with each change. This helps to pin down the culprit that causes Outlook to freeze.

Outlook is one of the most complex applications of the Microsoft Office suite, which makes it extremely resource-hungry. Outlook may hang simply because it does not have enough memory to run or perform a required operation.

This is often the case with outdated and low capacity PCs, however even modern and powerful ones cannot feel secured against this. Well, let’s “feed” it by closing all other programs that you don’t need at the moment.



Outlook not responding, stuck at “Processing,” stopped working, or freezes – Microsoft Support


Give Outlook a few minutes to finish the process and it should start to work again. Outlook works best when it’s up to date. We recommend setting Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates. Bug fixes, new features, and performance enhancements are released regularly. To install the latest Windows and Office updates, see Install Office updates. Repairing your Office programs can resolve issues with Outlook not responding or freezing.

Errors in Microsoft files are repaired automatically. In Control Panel , choose Programs and Features. In the list of installed programs, right-click Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office , and then choose Change. EXE is also installed on your PC. The Inbox Repair Tool can resolve issues by scanning your Outlook data files and repairing errors. Your profile stores a variety of settings that control how Outlook looks and feels. Double-click Scanpst. Open the ” Options ” dialog to choose the scan options and click ” Start ” when you are done.

If the Inbox repair tool spots any errors, it will prompt you to initiate the repair process to fix them. If you need more detailed step-by-step instructions, Microsoft has them ready for you – Repair Outlook data files. As we discussed a few paragraphs above, Microsoft Outlook requires quite a lot of resources to be able to operate smoothly. And if your Outlook data file. There are 3 simple ways to cope with this problem:. Choose your Personal folder and then click Settings.

Go to the General tab and click Compact Now. Archive your old items. One more way to reduce the size of your Outlook file is to archive older emails using the AutoArchive feature. If you need the detailed instructions, I’ll refer you to Microsoft again: AutoArchive settings explained. Let Outlook auto-archive or synchronize without interruption Since we’ve started to talk about archiving, be aware that Outlook consumes even more resources than usually when it is archiving your emails or synchronizing messages and contacts with your mobile device, which results in a bigger response time.

Don’t push it and let it finish the job : Usually, Outlook displays a special icon on its status bar or on the Windows system tray when auto-archiving or synchronization is in progress.

Don’t take any actions in Outlook during this period and you’ll be safe. Or does Outlook freeze or stop working when you’re opening a file or sending an email message? There are a number of possible reasons for Outlook to behave this way. We’ve presented the potential solutions in order from quickest to most time consuming. If Outlook stops responding at a screen that says “Processing,” you can close Outlook, start it in safe mode, then close it and open it normally to fix the problem.

In Windows 10, choose Start , type Outlook. If Outlook isn’t stuck at a screen that says “Processing,” or this didn’t resolve your issue, continue to the steps below. If those steps don’t work, see Need additional help? Some things you do in Outlook ask for confirmation. For example, the first time you try to Dismiss All on a list of reminders, Outlook asks you if you’re sure you want to do that.

If you don’t choose an option on that dialog box, Outlook won’t let you do anything else. Check for open dialog boxes. If you try to delete or move a large number of messages at once, Outlook can appear to freeze, but really, it’s working behind the scenes. How to Recover Deleted Windows. Screen Recorder.

Transfer Products. File Management. More Products. Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting Fix 1. Full steps Fix 2. Launch it in safe mode. Full steps Fix 3. Full steps Fix 4. Repair Office Program Close and quit all running Office programs.

Enter Control Panel and Full steps Fix 5. Full steps. The product will help you fix issues within the corrupted PST and will also extract all data from it to store in a new PST that you can directly import into Outlook.

But after reading your blog I got to know about my problem and possible causes. Your article is very helpful for non-technical users also. Thank you for such a good piece of content and of course for knowledge. Stellar Repair for Outlook. Even a power outage can bring this situation. I think Google G mail suite is much better than Outlook. A power outage is one of leading cause for error in Outlook. Your email address will not be published. We use cookies on this website. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device Read More Got it!

Recovers deleted files, photos, videos etc. Outlook PST File 7 minute read. Written By. Approved By.


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